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For the fighters. For the outlaws. For the outcasts. For those that live outside the margin of that which constitutes our society. For the passionate ones. For those that do not follow any given set of rules. Blood and Spirit is the trilogy that seeks to capture the souls of artists and those who tread their own path to personal enlightenment and creative wealth.

Ink, Blood and Spirit

Starting with ornamental design scratched into his skin, ”Little Swastika” has literally carved out his own niche with a controversial tattoo style while trying to reclaim the Swastika to the state it initially was intended as; a symbol of peace, positivity and beauty.

Fight, Blood and Spirit

Has violence always been a primitive instinct of man? Is there such a thing as good violence? Magnus "Jycken" Cedenblad is a mixed martial arts fighter. The documentary follows him as he prepares to take part in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and explains the emotions running through a person using his own body as a weapon. A movie about violence. Without any violence.

Music, Blood and Spirit

Although mainstream now, the black metal music scene was a small but violent underground movement in the mid 90’s. With the inception of Venom and Bathory, the second wave of black metal hailed from Norway and was the result of a lot controversy. Erik "E" Danielsson is the creative mind behind Watain, a Swedish black metal band reaping success not only among fans but also in the public eye.