Although mainstream now, the black metal music scene was a small but violent underground movement in the mid 90’s. With the inception of Venom and Bathory, the second wave of black metal hailed from Norway and was the result of a lot controversy. Erik Danielsson is the creative mind behind Watain, a Swedish black metal band reaping success not only among fans but also in the public eye.

Who is the man behind the corpse paint? What is black metal? Can music be considered a religion? Magic, fire and death.


Date Country City Venue
Nov 26 Germany Dortmund Leaf Metal Festival
Dec 5 USA Fort Collins CO The FireBorn Coffin
Dec 12 USA Los Angeles CA False Cause
Dec 17 Sweden Stockholm T.B.A
Dec 19 Spain Madrid Cuervo Store
Feb 6 Austria Vienna Escape


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Art Magos Claudio Marino CVLT Nation
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"Music Blood and Spirit"
a Art Magosproduction Artax Film

music byTreha Sektori
cinematography and editing by Maciej Ustarbowski
written by Claudio Marino andTomasz Swiesciak
produced and directed by Claudio Marino