A biographical portrait of the Swedish prizefighter Magnus ”Jycken” Cedenblad, fights for the number one mixed martial arts organisation - The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Magnus had an amateur record of fourteen wins and one loss. Today his professional record is eleven wins and four losses and he fights the toughest opponents in the world.

What is violence? Is fighting a part of our primal selves? What goes through the mind of a fighter as he stands face-to-face with an opponent who will do everything in his power to hurt him?


Date Country City Venue
020615 Sweden TV TV4 Play


TV4 Play Art Magos Claudio Marino
Fighter Magazine Kimura.se Stark Magasin
Sounds of Zilence


"Fight Blood and Spirit"
a Art Magosproduction Artax Film

music byJoel Segersted
copywriting Tomasz Swiesciak
cinematography and editing Maciej Ustarbowski
written by Claudio Marino
produced and directed by Claudio Marino