Music, Blood and Spirit – Teaser 2

Today we release the second teaser for Music, Blood and Spirit, the last part of the Blood and Spirit trilogy. The film will be release later this year as VOD and early next year on DVD. For updates please keep your eyes on this page.

Earlier this week we gave an interview for Noisey but it backfired. Sort of.

The temple of Watain erected

It’s more than a year since I announced that I would redo Watain’s website and now it’s online!

Launching today at 15.00 CET it’s containing almost 300 pictures, all gigs and releases listed, a shorter biography and news. More content will be added by the band members themselves along the way. Enjoy!

Sworn to the Cake

I do digital designs, print designs and now I also do cake designs. At least layouts for them.

Call out of time

I currently got loads of exiting projects going on. Not nearly enough time between work and hobbies though.

Last weekend I did a photo session shooting three monkey skulls and started to edit a promo video. Both for Blodigt Allvar. More on that in the near future. The work on the Watain site is at a standstill due to server transfers and other boring technicalities but that should be solved soon. I also completed a logo for Crucifix In a Deathhand this week and I’ll put it up here on my site as soon as I got the time. The precious time.

Time to build a temple for worship

I’m proud to announce I’ve been chosen to rebuild Watains digital temple. Also among new clients you will find the NYC-based Electric Assault Records for whom I will be designing a blog.

Alex York – Alive

Metaltown 2011 is over. Not surprisingly Watain, Ghost and Madball where the the brightest shining stars on the rather dark skies.

The photos above are taken by the English metal photographer Alex York (both in London 2010–2011). Check out his portfolio it contains some really good ones.