Fight, Blood and Spirit – Teaser 1

As Artax Film’s Facebook page reached 3.500 likes yesterday we decided to launch the first teaser for our upcoming short documentary. Fight, Blood and Spirit is the second installment in the Blood and Spirit trilogy where Ink, Blood and Spirit is the first one. Stay tuned for more information regarding the third and final film.


I just added a short time-lapse of me spray painting a wall. Grendel lent me the music.

Worms and Kings

Here is the video I made for Blodigt Allvar and their promotion campaign. It features clips from the porn movie Messe Noir from 1928. I also made a cover for this three tracked promo which I’ll upload soon.

Tid – Världen Stannar med Mig

This is the first video of Tid made by the great Pretentiös Produktion, check them out. Inside information tells me they are working on something great at the moment.

Von Trier goes Sci-Fi?

A trailer for Lars Von Triers upcoming sci-fi film Melancholia is now up on Zentropas Vimeo channel. It doesn’t really make much sense so I don’t really know what to expect but Von Trier is one of my absolute favorite still-active-directors and the cast pretty much does it for me; Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Udo Kier and John Hurt. Can’t wait!

Tid – Second release, fourth dimension

Above is a commercial film I did in the end of 2010 for Tid‘s second album Giv Akt. The record is free and can be downloaded directly from Sounds of Zilence. Enjoy!