Ghost member revealed + Lyric videos

Ghost member revealed: Omega’s true identity

MCC – Sway Official lyric video

MCC – The Demon King Official lyric video

New pope – new design


Yesterday I gave a facelift since Ghost’s next album appeared on the horizon. No new content, you will have to wait for the next version for that, however the new album tittle and track list have been revealed on the news page.

Symbols of ghosts

Before The Nameless Ghouls left for their current tour (with Mastodon and Opeth) in the land of the free they had me do personal symbols for their guitars. Die cut in silver. Add an Omega-symbol to the ones shown above and you have all three.

Photos by: Blow the Scene

Alex York – Alive

Metaltown 2011 is over. Not surprisingly Watain, Ghost and Madball where the the brightest shining stars on the rather dark skies.

The photos above are taken by the English metal photographer Alex York (both in London 2010–2011). Check out his portfolio it contains some really good ones.

Ghost – The official website

All though not fully finished the Ghost site I’ve done is now online. A couple of dedicated fans found the site and some hours later it had over 1 000 hits. Hence the quick launch. I’ll add a photo gallery and some press material later on. It’s WordPress all the way. I’m learning to love it.

“Siamo Con Clavi. Siamo Con Dio. Siamo Con Il Nostro Dio Scuro” - Papa Emeritus I

On my horizon

I’m currently working on a couple of really fun and interesting projects, I’m doing a website for Ghost, a digi-pack cover for Hate Gallery, a logo for Blodigt Allvar and I’m designing a site for Skapa Stockholm. I’ll keep you posted with updates on all works.