fight blood and spirit

Music, Blood and Spirit

It’s finally done. The Blood and Spirit trilogy is complete.

Watch the third and last part over at

A DVD with all three movies will be out in March.

Fight, Blood and Spirit is out!


Fight, Blood and Spirit or Våldsamt Utlopp as it’s called in Sweden is finally out! Watch it for $1.99 worldwide and for free in Sweden on Tv4 Play.


Fight, Blood and Spirit – Teaser 1

As Artax Film’s Facebook page reached 3.500 likes yesterday we decided to launch the first teaser for our upcoming short documentary. Fight, Blood and Spirit is the second installment in the Blood and Spirit trilogy where Ink, Blood and Spirit is the first one. Stay tuned for more information regarding the third and final film.



The title of the next installment in the Blood and Spirit-trilogy is Fight, Blood and Spirit. There will be a guessing contest, next week, who the fighter is. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page for more information about that.