Spit on irony. Fuck sarcasm. This is real.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a teaser shot of the cover for Blodigt Allvar’s promo cover. This is the final result. I have done the logo, layout and photos. Have a look under Print to see all four pages.

All pigs must die

This beautiful photo of Death In June was taken two days ago in Copenhagen by Pedro Garcia. The show was part of the 30th Anniversary Tour which is the last tour Douglas P. will embark on with Death In June. I’m very content that I got the chase to see him perform once again.


It’s a point of view

Anamorphic Typography by Jose Phegan at

Celestial Lineage

Celestial Lineage – the concluding part of Wolves In The Throne Room’s album trilogy – has been on repeat since I got a hold of it. Although it’s pretty different from it’s predecessors, Two Hunters and The Black Cascade, the album is great and I’m not surprised. At all.

The cover photo is taken by the very skilled Alison Scarpulla. It’s not digitally manipulated but on the other hand the film negative been through a lot. The cover layout is done by Aaron Turner.

Digital Diaries

About ten years ago when I still used a 56.600 bps modem to surf the web I found out about photographer Natacha Merrit. On her site Digital Girly she kept a photographic diary of her sex-life. Later she released the book Digital Diaries with help from fetish photographer Eric Kroll.

Warning: The site contains pornographic material and is not safe for work.

Alex York – Alive

Metaltown 2011 is over. Not surprisingly Watain, Ghost and Madball where the the brightest shining stars on the rather dark skies.

The photos above are taken by the English metal photographer Alex York (both in London 2010–2011). Check out his portfolio it contains some really good ones.

Roadburn 2011 – Band of the day: Saturday

Michael Gira walked around the festival venue in a cowboy hat with a drunk look for two days. On the third day he entered the main stage with Swans. Then he looked ferocious, intense and psyched, he still brought the hat though. Can’t wait to see them here in Stockholm in a couple of weeks.

Photo by Stefan Raduta pinched from

Roadburn 2011 – Band of the day: Friday

I’ve seen Sunn O))) once before, in 2005 if I’m not mistaken. Attila Csihar was part of that show as well but apart from that their concert at Roadburn was a total different experience. The wall of sound they summoned and threw against their audience was so thick, loud and heavy it set me in a meditative state. To enjoy Sunn O))) to the fullest one need to attend one of their live shows and feel the music, headphones just don’t do it.

Photo by tama5kake.

Roadburn 2011 – Band of the day: Thursday

David Eugene Edwards was really fired up. Almost as if prepared for war he mocked the audience, talked in tongues and beat the microphones to the ground. His Woven Hand made a spectacular show. Intense, heavy and personal. I was completely blown away! It was one of the best live performances I’ve seen in years. “Bring it!”

Photo by Mira Born pinched from

Earthquake aftermath

The Boston Globe’s photo blog The Big Picture have published a batch of photos from the earhquake in Japan. This photo is taken by Jo Yong-Hak for Reuters.