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Teasers and lyric videos

Cold Void – Teaser 1

MCC – Turn

MCC – Jennifer

Ghost member revealed + Lyric videos

Ghost member revealed: Omega’s true identity

MCC – Sway Official lyric video

MCC – The Demon King Official lyric video

Lyric videos


Theres two new lyric videos in the portfolio, one for Ash and Coal and one for Year of the Goat.

Tid – Aurora Surrealis

Visually: The inspiration for the video is a mix between John Bauer’s art and our favorite movies from the 70’s and 80’s; Fairy tales and sci fi – the lands and worlds of wonder and mystery. In order to get the right feel the video has been transposed to VHS and then back to digital – a form of true filtering to obtain a true VHS quality.

Musically: A dark mantra depicting a never-ending spiral as the ways of mankind. A whirlwind of science and ideas and the will to move forward – but do we really? As with the idea for video, this is a sonic landscape telling mystic truths and esoteric visions. The constructed dawn: Aurora Surrealis – Mankind’s own sunrise.

Tid teaser

Here is a teaser I did for the upcoming Tid album.

Top Three Of 2015

The best art of the year. All in random order.


Mgła - Exercises in futility
VNV Nation – Resonance
A Swarm of the Sun – The Rift


Youth Code


Victoria -  Sebastian Schipper
Mad Max - George Miller
The Wolfpack - Crystal Moselle



Earlier this week my Facebook page hit 1000 likes. Thank’s a lot to every each one of you for the support. It’s much appreciated.



The portfolio just got updated with the cover for Knifven and their upcoming record on Gaphals.

Tid 2015


Ten years ago I made the first logo for Tid. We [Tid] wanted the logo to change and grow with the band so five years later, as we were about to release Giv Akt, I expanded the logo. Now another five years have passed, a new recording is on the horizon, and once again I re-designed the logo. The following is a short explanation of the symbolics behind the logo/symbol.


2005: We wanted a logo that represented the essence of Tid – history and future. Hence it should look like a hieroglyph and/or rune crossbred with an alien symbol from a science fiction movie.

2010: In this version the continuation form of the letter D represents the sun. Around it the phases of the moon and to close it all in – the three dimensions of our physical reality.

2015: To up the dimension bit a notch I choose to add the fourth dimension to this version. The logo as a whole is now orbited by time itself.

No rest…

…for the wicked. I just added a new logo to my portfolio.

For those of you who missed that I have a Tumblr – here is the link. Be aware it is NSFW!