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Yet another record cover

I got the honors to do the cover for Den Röda Dörrens debut EP released on Sounds of Zilence. Check out the covers in it’s entirety here and  you can download the EP for free.

Beyond beauty

I finally got a chance to see Panos Cosmatos debut(!) Beyond the Black Rainbow and I’m stunned! Check it out if you are into cinematography , sci-fi and surrealism.

Finally Finalize

I’ve been swamped in various work and other real life obligations. Hence the lack of updates. Finally I found some time to upload one of my latest works – a site for Swedish retouch and post-production company Finalize.

If all goes well there are a couple of really interesting customers coming my way. More on that later.

The second quarter

Yet another quarter has passed of 2012 and a lot of new records have been released. None as good as the two masterpices I mentioned in March though. Two black metal albums; Marduk – Serpent Sermon and Deathspell Omega – Drough. And two post-metal leaders gone acoustic Nate Hall (from USX) – A Great River and Mike Scheidt (from Yob) – Stay Awake.

Sworn to the Cake

I do digital designs, print designs and now I also do cake designs. At least layouts for them.

As Steve Von Till  together with Scott Kelly and Wino will release a tribute album to Townes Van Zandt I got around to do a quick update on All regarding the album and it’s release.

More brands added

I added three more brands, I’ve started working with lately, to the about-page.

Symbols of ghosts

Before The Nameless Ghouls left for their current tour (with Mastodon and Opeth) in the land of the free they had me do personal symbols for their guitars. Die cut in silver. Add an Omega-symbol to the ones shown above and you have all three.

Photos by: Blow the Scene

A good year

Mgła – With Hearts Towards None and PG. Lost – Key are without a doubt the best records which have seen the light in the first quarter of 2012. This year, may it be the last – or not, will probably go down in my book as one of the better years for record releases in a rather long time. Amongst the ones still to come; Burzum, Neurosis, Scott Kelly/Steve Von Till and TOOL.

The end is nigh

For Hellboy it all comes down to the twelfth album – The Storm and the Fury. And what a ride it has been! See you in the next arc, see you in hell.