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No rest…

…for the wicked. I just added a new logo to my portfolio.

For those of you who missed that I have a Tumblr – here is the link. Be aware it is NSFW!

Portfolio update


There are two updates in the portfolio. The record cover for Den Röda Dörren’s soundtrack to my short documentary Ink, Blood and Spirit and a logo/symbol for video production company Art Magos.

You can download the record for free at



Theres been two additions made to the portfolio. A short intro animation and a logotype. Both for the documentary production agency Artax Film.

Ink, Blood and logo

The second teaser for Ink, Blood and Spirit was released about a week ago.

I also added a logo for Pretentiös Produktion to my portfolio.



I have updated the portfolio with both the site and the first teaser trailer for Ink, Blood and Spirit.

From above


I got a request to re-publish this christmas card I made ten years ago (hence the low resolution). Guess today is as good day as any. Here you go!

Records of 2013



For me 2013 have been a pretty boring music year but I managed to scrape together a top three-list. Presented below in alphabetic order.

Dead Soul – In the Darkness
Placebo – Loud Like Love
Watain – The Wild Hunt

Clint Mansel – Filth
Rob – Maniac
Steven Price – Gravity

New site for Marduk


I have been given the honors to do the next version of At this moment there is no launch date set. I’ll keep you posted.

Ink, Blood and Spirit


This is my next big project. A short documentary about Little Swastika. Follow the progress through the Facebook Page.


CM & PP proudly present a short documentary by Claudio Marino about the controversial tattoo artist known as Little Swastika; gone fully DIY he set up his own way of life never straying away from the path closest to his heart. 

From early teenage years Little Swastika developed his own set of skills and style, never obeying any of the norms set by our society nor the tattoo subculture that he inhabited.

Expected to premiere in early 2014.

Developers: and Pretentiös Produktion.
Partners: and Sounds of Zilence.

What do they think?


What do these guys think of working with me? See for yourself at the new testimonial page!