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Fight, Blood and Spirit is out!


Fight, Blood and Spirit or Våldsamt Utlopp as it’s called in Sweden is finally out! Watch it for $1.99 worldwide and for free in Sweden on Tv4 Play.




The portfolio just got updated with the cover for Knifven and their upcoming record on Gaphals.

Tid 2015


Ten years ago I made the first logo for Tid. We [Tid] wanted the logo to change and grow with the band so five years later, as we were about to release Giv Akt, I expanded the logo. Now another five years have passed, a new recording is on the horizon, and once again I re-designed the logo. The following is a short explanation of the symbolics behind the logo/symbol.


2005: We wanted a logo that represented the essence of Tid – history and future. Hence it should look like a hieroglyph and/or rune crossbred with an alien symbol from a science fiction movie.

2010: In this version the continuation form of the letter D represents the sun. Around it the phases of the moon and to close it all in – the three dimensions of our physical reality.

2015: To up the dimension bit a notch I choose to add the fourth dimension to this version. The logo as a whole is now orbited by time itself.

Fight, Blood and Spirit – Teaser 1

As Artax Film’s Facebook page reached 3.500 likes yesterday we decided to launch the first teaser for our upcoming short documentary. Fight, Blood and Spirit is the second installment in the Blood and Spirit trilogy where Ink, Blood and Spirit is the first one. Stay tuned for more information regarding the third and final film.


I just added a short time-lapse of me spray painting a wall. Grendel lent me the music.

Top three of 2014

The best art of the year. All in alphabetic order.


Beyond the Black Rainbow - Sinoa Caves
Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom - Nightsatan
The Satanist - Behemoth


Die Antwoord – Dans Dakar Stockholm
Desiderii Marginis – Valhalla Festival Norrköping
Swans – Bowery Ballroom New York


Interstellar – Christopher Nolan
Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom – Christer Lindström (Chrzu)
Nymphomaniac (Dir. Cut) – Lars Von Trier



The title of the next installment in the Blood and Spirit-trilogy is Fight, Blood and Spirit. There will be a guessing contest, next week, who the fighter is. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page for more information about that.

Blood and Spirit Trilogy


I will be turning BLOOD AND SPIRIT into a trilogy. Together with Art Magos I am developing the two new films back-to-back in the same vein and format as Ink, Blood and Spirit.

All three films are based on persons who have made a choice to live in the outer parts of our society, people who live for their work. People who are their work.

An announcement about the second film will follow soon…

Special Mention award


I am happy and honored to announce that my film won the Special Mentions award in the Best Documentary category at the STOCKmotion Festival.

The jury wrote: “In a colorful and visually stunning picture that gives us a unique insight to a world at the edge of society where physical and existential borders are constantly being explored, transformed and challenges us as viewers. We sincerely hope that this visually talented filmmaker will take his talent for documentary storytelling even further. Special mention goes to Claudio Marino for the picture Ink, Blood and Spirit.”

Out now

About a year ago I set out on uncharted waters – filmmaking. That journey resulted in Ink, Blood and Spirit. A short documentary that, so far, have screened in 12 countries, been selected to several film festivals, have been nominated for awards and got me in to Werner Herzogs film school. Today it is released as video-on-demand.

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