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Some months ago me and Claudio celebrated the tenth anniversary of our friendship. For all those years Claudio has been devoted to one thing solely – art. Having been employed within the area since the late nineties, he has developed his own style and form in all of the different directions his art has taken. Always prying that art and crafting being different in idea and form he is bound to not only connect all the dots, but to make it artful and personal after having decided what would best fit the work at hand.

I’ve seen most of his work through the years, and what started out as a mere music-connected artwork such as album art, photography, websites, and posters, he evolved a talent for creating identity and marketing oriented art and form like original logotypes, graphics and is now a full-blown graphic artist of some proportions, working his daytime job as Art Director at a advertising agency and evenings running his own business as a freelance artist/designer. I myself have hired Claudio for record layouts, websites, postcards, original logotypes, flyers, t-shirt design and more. Always easy to discuss ideas together with and easy to give feedback, makes him a not only a talented artist but also a professional graphic designer.

Martin Persner – 2012


Clients – companies

3MAbsolut VodkaAlbert BonnierAmerican ExpressArvid NordquistElectroluxFilippa KG4SHBOLOrealProcter & GambleRiksbyggenSynsamTeliaUniversal


Clients – artists

Ghost“Marduk”“MCC”Sounds of ZilenceSubvisionSteve Von TillTid“YearOfTheGoat”Watain


Fields & CV

• Print: Artwork, Packaging, T-shirts, Posters and Flyers
• Identity: Logos and Graphic Branding
• Web: Basic websites (XHTML, CSS and CMS) and Banners
• Film: Documentaries, Commercial and Music videos

See full curriculum vitae.



Several persons needs to be acknowledged as I can not take full credits for all works on the site:

Albrecht Dürer – For paintings used on the Ash and Coal website
Björn Lisinski – For co-designing on both Roswell releases
Games Workshop – For illustrations used on The Lost and the Damned website
Olga Semenova – For painting used on Subvision’s The Killing Floor EP
Martin Persner – For idea to Magna Carta Cartel’s Valiant Visions Dawn
Zbigniew Bielak – For illustrations used on Templeofwatain.com